About Printed Pet Memories

Our Mission

Welcome to our whimsical world! At Printed Pet Memories, we're all about:
  • Furry Inspiration: Celebrating the unconditional love of pets that sparked our journey.
  • Unleashing Creativity: Crafting unique, top-notch custom cartoon pet designs to immortalize our customers' beloved furry friends.
  • Pet-tastic Experience: Providing an enjoyable, seamless journey for our customers while delivering pawsome pet masterpieces.
  • Giving Back: Supporting animal shelters and pet charities, because every pet deserves love and care.
  • The Future: Continually innovating and growing to create even more memorable experiences for pet owners.

Join our pawsome community, share your stories, and let's create magic together! 🐾


The Team

Thomas, Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur since youth, Thomas Phillips founded Printed Pet Memories, inspired by his Cavapoo, Leo. As CEO, his leadership has elevated our brand among pet lovers. His dedication to service and love for pets inspire our team daily.

Meet Elliot, our Creative Genius and Lead Designer!

Elliot, a jack-of-all-trades, shines in 3D and web design, marketing, and project management. His education at Arts University Bournemouth equipped him with fine art skills. Now, his love for pets infuses every masterpiece he creates at Printed Pet Memories.

Meet Phola, our Digital PR & Customer Success Dynamo!

Phola, a true animal lover and cat mom to Luna and Ra, excels in media partnerships and customer support at Printed Pet Memories. Her efforts ensure our brand's reach and unforgettable customer experiences.

Meet Zaakiyah, our Writer, Editor, and Social Media Manager!

Zaakiyah, a cat enthusiast and companion to Max, plays various roles at Printed Pet Memories, including writing, editing, and managing social media. Her work beautifully captures and shares memories of beloved pets.

Watch The Process

Join our CEO as he reveals the magic behind crafting your pet's personalized masterpiece!

Printed Pet Memories - a Printed Memories Company. Phillips Media Group LLC.

At Printed Pet Memories, we believe the personalization experience should be unique, easy, and fun. Whether you're commemorating a cherished pet, celebrating a special life event, or simply adding your own creative touch to your home, the heart of it all lies in YOU - your pets, your family, and your story. As the industry leader in pet-themed personalization, we adore our customers. They not only inspire everything we create but also embody the values we hold dear - creativity, individuality, and joy.

Our relationship with our customers is truly special and always at the core of everything we do. Founded in Delaware in 2019, Printed Pet Memories is a proud part of PrintedMemories.com. We take immense pride in offering an unbeatable personalization experience for all of our customers, capturing the love and memories shared with their beloved pets through our unique and custom artwork.

Press Enquiries

For press coverage, please visitor our official press page here.

At Printed Pet Memories, we're always excited to share our story and collaborate with journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals. If you're interested in featuring our unique custom cartoon pet portraits, discussing our mission, or exploring our creative process, we'd be delighted to connect with you.

Our team is eager to provide you with the information, images, and insights you need for your story. Let's work together to spread the joy and magic of Printed Pet Memories!

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